Meet our Members

The Gut Microbiota and Probiotic Science Foundation (India) is governed by eminent scientists, who are experts in the area of Gut Microbiota and Probiotics . They bring with them a diversity of disciplines including Nutrition, Clinical Research, Microbiology, Dairy Technology and Gastroenterology . Together the members provide the latest scientific knowledge and expertise and give direction and guidance for the scientific program and activities of the Foundation.

Governing Body Members

Prof. N. K. Ganguly

Vice President
Dr. B. Sesikeran 

Vice President
Prof. G. Balakrish Nair

Prof. B.S. Ramakrishna

Prof. Rakesh Tandon

Prof. J. B. Prajapati

Prof. Anura Kurpad

Dr. Sarath Gopalan

Dr. Neerja Hajela

Co-opted Members
Mr. Shinji Hashimoto  Mr. Shintaro Yui  Mr. Tomoyuki Iwama

Dr. Gerard Denariaz Dr. Sara Thompson

Scientific Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Keya Lahiri Prof. S.K. Mittal Prof. Jyoti Prakash Tamang

Gut Microbiota and Probiotic Science Foundation instituted the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize the outstanding contribution of stalwarts to the science and profession of Probiotics and Gut Microbiota

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